Area 1: Eagle, N Meridian: McMillan Rd N to Beacon Light, Hwy 16 E to Horseshoe Bend Rd, Linder E to Eagle Rd including Hobble Creek subdivision, Linder W to Hwy 16, City of Eagle - $18.00

Area 2: W Boise, W Garden City, Central Meridian, Star: Beacon Light N to Homer Rd, Horseshoe Bend Rd E to Collister, Eagle Rd E to Cole Rd/Glenwood, McMillan S to Fairview (Central Meridian), & Hwy 16 through Star - $20.00

Area 3: N & Central Boise, N Eagle, E Garden City: Cole Rd/Glenwood E to I-184 & Latah, Collister E to 8th St, Beacon Light N to Cartwright Rd & Hidden Springs, W Foothills, Fairview S to I-84 in Meridian, 10 Mile to Can-Ada Rd, & Hwy 16 to Firebird Raceway area - $22.00

Area 4: E Central Boise, S&W Meridian, E of Middleton: Fairview S to Victory in Boise, E Foothills subdivisions (not past Broadway), 24th St & Latah E to Broadway, W Star city limits to Lansing Ln - $22.00

Area 5: W of Middleton, Lake Hazel Area: Lansing Ln through Middleton and N 3 miles from Hwy 44, Victory S to Lake Hazel - $24.00

Hourly rate for calculating additional fees -- $45.00

Emergency calls to client’s location after midnight and before 6:00 A.M. will be at DOUBLE the quoted rate.

Our primary coverage area is Broadway Ave on the east, southern Meridian city limit on the South, Ada County Line on the north and west with the exception of the general Middleton area. We do not service any area that is not listed above or outside these limits.

We do not service any area that is not listed above.

A cancellation fee equal to 2 stops will be charged for ALL cancellations within 48 hours of scheduled starting times for all major holidays. Illness or death of client will be the only exceptions.

Initial "interviews" are at no charge. However, a one stop fee for that area will be charged if client does not book with us. All clients will be given a specific quote based on time, distance, and care required. The rates shown are basic.


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