All orders must be paid in FULL prior to shipment. Absolutely NO credit cards or checks (including cashier's checks) will be accepted for international equipment orders, except Canadian orders. International orders must be paid through PayPal ONLY in U.S. funds, regardless of the amount of sale. An additional $10 customs handling fee may also be charged for international equipment shipments to cover US Customs paperwork. (Pet sitting forms packets do not incur this fee.) Payment must include cost of equipment, all shipping charges, and all fees in the total payment or your order WILL be delayed. I will e-mail you an invoice including all shipping charges so that the correct amount can sent. Your order will be processed immediately once all funds have been received.

Pet Packets will be sent via Global Priority Mail. International equipment orders will only be shipped via FedEx, NO EXCEPTIONS, when sent from my location. I must use my FedEx account for all international shipments as per FedEx requirements. Therefore, no "Bill receiver" or "3rd party" billing is allowed. I will e-mail you full tracking information. You will be responsible for paying all import duties, taxes, and fees upon arrival at your international location. Due to DOD security regulations, any equipment sent to a serviceman in a war zone must be sent by you. I cannot ship directly to them.

Absolutely NO exchanges or returns on international sales or products that end up overseas!

Doug Foote - Owner

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Updated 12/8/14