If you are planning to use the Dock-N-Talk™ instead of a conventional telephone land-line with non-cellular commercial equipment (ie: irrigation pivots, pumps, meters, alarm systems, PBX, etc.) please be aware that CDMA systems (older Verizon, Sprint, Altell, Cellular One) do not pass DTMF tones (touch-tones) clearly through their networks. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you use a GSM (AT&T, T-Mobile) or LTE (new G4 Verizon & AT&T) system in order to interface with your commercial equipment as GSM, and LTE transmission technology does not garble DTMF tones.

Lindsay Manufacturing Co., the manufacturer of Zimmatic center pivot and lateral move irrigation systems, upgraded their computer speech boards in 2006 to clear up the distorted DTMF tones sent through a CDMA network. You can use a CDMA carrier with the latest Zimmatic computer speech board from Lindsay. If your speech board is older than 2006, you must upgrade to this new speech board to use a CDMA carrier. Contact your local Zimmatic dealer for more information and pricing.

Click on the links below for detailed technical information as well as various methods for connecting cellular interconnect equipment depending on your own location's phone wiring and your needs. You may print out these instructions and diagrams for your future reference. Please READ YOUR INSTRUCTION SHEET FIRST and this web site before contacting me as most questions can be handled in one of these two places.

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Basic Phone Wiring - 101 READ BEFORE INSTALLING
How To Disconnect Lines From The Phone Company
How To Determine Active Phone Lines
Why This Equipment Won't Work For Data
12Volt DC Installations (Lindsay Zimmatic Irrigation Installations)
Cellular Signal and Ringer Boosting
Can't Hear Calls On Other Phones In Home
Using Answering Machines
Motorola Phone Shuts Down or Can't Call Out or Receive Calls
Installing Equipment To A Single Phone (1 or 2-Line)
Installing Equipment With An Active Phone Line
Installing Equipment Without An Active Phone Line
Installing Equipment To A Business Phone System
Alternate Phone Installations
Dock-N-Talk™ Phone Installations
Information for Dock-N-Talk™
Addtional Dock-N-Talk Information on Phonelabs web site

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Purchasing equipment from D&J Enterprises guarantees you permanent "no charge" after sale tech support. If you purchase equipment from another source, we charge $5 per call for tech support.

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