Basic Phone Wiring - 101


NEVER connect anything else that produces a continuous signal or dial tone, to an active phone line. Anything that is connected to an ACTIVE* phone company land-line must be FCC approved for connection to a phone company system. Connecting this type of equipment to an active phone company land-line can possibly damage this equipment and could result in the possible permanent disconnection of land-line phone service by your local telephone company. It is recommend that your cell phone or any attached antenna be placed at least 4 feet from audio speakers, computers, cordless phone base stations, or wired phones so that the RF signal from the cell phone's antenna won't produce interference. An external antenna connected to the cell phone will eliminate the "buzzing" heard on phones or audio speakers because the antenna will then be located much further from the base unit ie: outside the home or building.
*An ACTIVE phone company line is a line that has dial tone and/or is still connected to the phone company's trunk line.

There are 4 connections inside the receptacle of RJ-11 phone jacks that are commonly used in homes that look like this --> ['''']. The center pair of connections is Line-1 --> ['"'] and the outside pair of connections is Line-2 --> ['''']. A standard single-line phone only connects to the center pair of connections --> ['"']. A 2-line phone uses all 4 connections --> ['''']. This equipment MUST be connected to the outside pair --> [''''] if you have an active incoming phone line. The Dock-N-Talk™ has a selector switch on the back of the unit that will allow you to select either Line-1 or Line-2 for use. You do not need any adapter when using the Dock-N-Talk™.

Home and small office phone wiring usually consists of 2 pairs of wires. Line-1 is usually the Red & Green pair and Line-2 is usually the Yellow & Black pair. (The color codes used could be different in your home or office.) These wires terminate at the 4 connections inside the receptacle of RJ-11 jacks mentioned above. The primary pair of wires, Line-1, are in use by the phone company. The interconnect equipment acts as a 2nd incoming phone line and would then normally be connected to Line-2 in your home as mentioned above.

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