12Volt DC Installations

The Dock-N-Talk™ and other Phonelabs equipment actually operates on 9V DC so you MUST purchase a 12V to 9V power adapter. A good adapter is the Radio Shack 9V DC variable power adapter (RS Part #273-1811 ) for $26.99. This adapter puts out 650mA and the Dock-N-Talk™ pulls 700mA under full load so it just works in this application. Be sure that you connect the proper adapter plug in the "+" position on the end of the power cord.

Another option is to use a 12V DC to 120V AC power inverter. These are available from various electronic sources including WalMart and range from $25 to $30. You only need to power the Dock-N-Talk™ so a small inverter is fine. The advantage of using an inverter is that you will be using the AC power supply that is included with all Phonelabs equipment and therefor you can't damage the Phonelabs equipment. If you don't have a 12V DC power adapter for your cell phone, you can use this same inverter with an AC triple-tap and use the the AC power supply that comes with your cell phone to power your cell phone. This isn't the most energy efficient 12DC power supply system, but it works just fine.

Lindsay Manufacturing and D&J Enterprises recommends that if you are using the Dock-N-Talk™ with a Lindsay Zimmatic irrigation pivot unit that you connect the Dock-N-Talk™ as mentioned above to the available 12V power supply at the pivot computer. The transformer in the pivot may put out well over 120V AC and WILL burn out the 120V AC power supply that comes with the Dock-N-Talk™. This will also void the warranty on the power supply from Phonelabs.

These setups will work for any mobile or pure 12 volt DC application. A 12 volt heavy duty battery (marine or truck) can actually operate the Dock-N-Talk™ equipment for a day or two, without using the inverter unit, before the battery needs recharging. You can also use this type of connection for alarm systems by tapping into the alarm system's 12 volt back-up power supply. The alarm's 12V power supply is usually on a slow or trickle charger anyway, so you shouldn't run out of power.

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