Alternate Phone Installations

Some homes and small offices have no wired 2nd phone line or the wiring for a 2nd line is not properly installed. In these cases the interconnect equipment will not operate correctly if standard connection methods are used. The links listed here are to diagrams that will show alternate methods for connecting a the interconnect equipment and an existing phone line(s) under these unusual conditions.

Alternate method A requires a 2-line switch and connects to a single-line phone. Diagram A
Alternate method B is a modification of the the "Active Phone Line" installation and also requires the use of duplex adapters to extend the combined output phone line from one 2-line phone to additional 2-line phones. This is NOT a recommend method unless the phone lines can be secured due to cords running between phones and tripping over the cords could happen. Diagram B

When using these methods, the Tri-plex adapter acts as a coupler to connect the home phone (Line-1) and the interconnect equipment (Line-2) to a single 4 conductor (2 pair) wire for use by either a 2-line phone or a 2-line switch. Using multi-line phones is always the recommended method to connect active lines and the interconnect equipment into a single telephone instrument. Remember to always disconnect Line-2 at the telephone interface box on the side of your home so that the interconnect equipment will operate properly. See How To Disconnect Lines From The Phone Company .

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