Bluetooth For DOCK-N-TALK

The default password for the Phonelabs Bluetooth Module is "3774".

Bluetooth devices transmit and receive at approximately 1 to 5 milliwatts in the 2.4Ghz frequency spectrum. There can be interference issues with using any Bluetooth device in the same area as 2.4Ghz cordless phones, hybrid 5.8 Ghz cordless phones, and WiFi 802.11b/g/n, which also operates on the 2.4Ghz frequency, but at much higher (400 milliwatts or higher) power. For best results when using other 2.4Ghz devices, keep those devices as far away as possible from the Dock-N-Talk™ equipment and cell phone when you are using the Bluetooth module. If you are still having interference issues, try resetting the operating channel on your WiFi router to channel 10 or 11 and your cordless phones to the highest channel available. (Bluetooth operates on channel 1 or 2.) See your wireless router and cordless phone owner's manuals for instructions on resetting the operating channels.

Phone Labs has been delivering a new Bluetooth Module, BT03-B, which provides the latest Class 1 Bluetooth 2.0 advanced features and extended range (Class 1) of 300' or more. It is only supported by current Phonelabs equipment with firmware versions 1.47. Older firmware versions do not support this new Bluetooth Module. The maximum effective range of the early Bluetooth Module BT01 was 30 ft and for the BT03-B is 300 ft or more but can be less depending on enviromental conditions and the Bluetooth software in the connecting cell phone. Many of the new cell phones today will NOT work with the original BT01 Bluetooth Module. You must use a newer Bluetooth Module to use these new cell phones.

Important new features of the latest Bluetooth Module (BT03-B) allows the user to pair up to 8 phones to the same Bluetooth Module and is compatible with new voice compression technology that is currently being introduced. Sound Quality has been improved from earlier versions as well as greater ability to reject outside 2.4Ghz interference. This means that this module works well in enviroments that have WiFi, cordless phones, and other 2.4Ghz transmitters. As in older Bluetooth Modules, only one cell phone at a time can be actively connected to the Bluetooth Module. The new Bluetooth module can be identified by the model number of BT03-B on the back label. The Bluetooth Module has a "Flash" memory allowing it to remember paired phones if the power is disconnected or the module is stored for some time.

As stated above, older firmware versions of Phonelabs equipment are not compatible with the new BT03-B Bluetooth Module. However, all the original versions of the Bluetooth Modules (BT01) will continue to be compatible with the newest Phonelabs equipment firmware versions. If you own one of the older firmware versions of Phonelabs equipment and you want to use the new BT03-B Bluetooth Module, you will need to send your device to Phonelabs for a firmware upgrade. The cost for this upgrade is $25 which also covers return shipping costs back to you. Contact Phonelabs directly for information on returning your device for the firmware upgrade.

NOTE: The PhoneLabs "Flash-to-Talk" feature used with Push-To-Talk available on some cell carriers does not work with a Bluetooth module. These features are only supported with a cable connection. Detailed explanation on Flash-to-Talk™.

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