Can't Hear Calls On Other Phones In The Home

If the "signaling" tones from the interconnect equipment at a remote phone jack are not heard, then the internal home phone wiring needs to be checked. Each phone jack should have all the wires connected to their proper posts. All the same color wires need to be wired together at the telephone interface junction box (blacks to blacks, yellows to yellows, etc). Do NOT connect different color wires together as this will create a short and could damage the interconnect equipment and the phone system. Be sure to either use crimp wiring connectors designed for telephone wiring or strip the insulation off the wires before you splice them together and then tape the connections to avoid shorts. Do not disconnect or mess with any other pair of wires as these are could be carrying phone company signals.

If only one phone jack doesn't work, but all the rest are functioning, you either have a broken wire or bad connection at another jack where the non-functioning jack is connected to your system. Start looking.

If a line was active at one time, but it is now turned off by the telephone company, that line is probably still connected to the telephone company's trunk. That line needs to be disconnected from their trunk line in order for the interconnect equipment to work properly. See links below for more information on disconnecting inactive lines from the phone company.

How To Disconnect Lines From The Phone Company
How To Determine Which Phone Lines Are Inactive

If there is still no signal from the interconnect equipment at the remote jacks, see "Alternate Methods".

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