My Motorola Phone Shuts Down or I Can't Call Out or Receive Calls

This interconnect equipment emulates a hard-wired car kit. Motorola cell phones must have the "Car" settings properly configured in order for them to function properly with this interconnect equipment. These settings are often properly configured from the factory, but in some cases they need to be changed. If your Motorola cell phone is exhibiting problems receiving or placing calls through this interconnect equipment or you see that after you had your phone connected for a while to the interconnect equipment the cell phone is no longer initialized, then you need to check the "Car" settings. You may need to get out your cell phone's owner's manual before you proceed.

With the cell phone in you hand, select "Settings." Under the "Settings" menu scroll to "Other Settings" then scroll down to "Car Settings" and press "Select." The following is the correct configuration that you must have under "Car Settings" for your cell phone to work with this equipment:

Auto Answer ---- "Off"
Auto Handsfree – "On"
Power-off Delay – "Continuous"
Charger Time ---- "Off"

If the "Power-off Delay" is set to any time other than "Continuous," the cell phone will power off after the preset time. It will eventually power back on, but because it is connected to the interface equipment when it powers back on, it may not reinitialize. Thus, you will miss calls and will get a "Busy" signal when you pick up a connected phone. The "Charger Time" must be set to off in order for the phone's battery to stay charged. The phone's lights will turn off when used with Phonelabs equipment.

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