No Active Phone-Line Installation

If you do NOT have an operating phone company land-line in your residence and you want to use the interconnect equipment as your phone line you will need to be sure that your inside phone wiring is disconnected from the telephone company's incoming trunk line or the interconnect equipment will not operate correctly. Go to the link below if you do not know how to disconnect your inside wiring from the phone company's trunk line.

How To Disconnect Lines From The Phone Company

Note: If you are still using a phone line for Internet or fax connections, or are in an apartment/duplex you will also need to determine which lines are active. Go to How To Determine Which Phone Lines Are Active and read the instructions on determining which lines are active and inactive.

Now go back inside your home and merely plug the phone cord supplied with the interconnect equipment directly into any available phone jack. Then connect any standard single-line phone into your other phone jacks. You will need a Duplex adapter, which allows 2 phones to connect to one jack, at the phone jack where the interconnect equipment is installed if you want to use a phone there as well. Any phone plugged into any wall jack should now have access to the interconnect equipment and ring. Please follow the rest of the instructions that are packed with the interconnect equipment to complete the installation.

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