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William Wynne with Smoky's bronze at her memorial in Cleveland Metroparks, Cleveland, Ohio.


Thank you for having this wonderful web site. I thought you might be interested in what has been happening with Smoky my Yorkie war dog of WWII. You don't have to change anything in the information you have so kindly recorded about her. I just thought you might like to know Smoky is still alive at age 73. She died on Feb.21,1957 at about the age of 14. However since her recognition by the Ohio Veterinary Medicine Association Animal Hall of Fame as their "Number One Dog Hero" in 1995 and the publishing of our memoir "Yorkie Doodle Dandy "in 1996 it has been like a runaway freight train. Smoky now has six memorials in the U.S. and No. 7 coming up at Norco, CA.'s new beautiful Memorial Park. No. 8 will be at Mount Olive N.J.'s All Veterans Memorial park. Ded. May 30,2016. There are two in Australia for her also. But the real news is, Smoky is recognized in Australia as their "First War Dog." She was born in Brisbane in Mid '43, sold at five months of age, was lost and found and served with YANKS of the 5th AAF, 26th Photo Recon Sq. She was in combat 18 months straight. From New Guinea to Okinawa when the A bombs ended the war. The Aussies didn't have war dogs until the Vietnam war. In New Guinea Aussie patrols were accompanied by U.S. dogs and handlers. Smoky has been awarded their backdated 1st War Dog -- the Defence Force Tracker and War Dog Association Combat medal. Afghanistan dogs must serve 28 days straight in combat to receive it. Australia has only known about Smoky since 2010.

On Dec.11, 2015 Smoky has received the rare and highest honor for bravery-- the RSPCA, PURPLE CROSS medal . She is the 9th recipient covering 161 years. Two others are backdated. A dog from the Crimean War 1854. Then donkeys for three and a half weeks of carrying out litters of wounded under heavy artillery fire. Their master was KIA in the mid fourth week during the Battle of Gallapolis in WWI -1915.

Smoky's blanket has seven medals, U.S. Presidential Unit Citation with Oakleaf Cluster, plus a PUC from the Philippines and two battle stars on her Liberation of the Philippines ribbon and eight battle stars on her Asiatic and Pacific ribbon. Plus silver wings for 12 combat missions. I am humbled yet deeply honored with this rare recognition of her accomplishments which we did just living day to day. If I had any idea in our obscurity in the jungles and coral rock islands that this all would have happened I would have taken a lot more photos and somehow gotten a movie camera.

At Smoky's Memorial in Cleveland Metroparks, Smoky lies under her two ton granite memorial in a .30 cal.WWII ammo box. She was exhumed by friends while the monument was being constructed.

Someone unknown loves her so much they have been decorating the bronze for over a year with seasonal decorations. The hat for winter is especially knitted with openings for her ears.

With Best Regards,

Bill Wynne

CLICK HERE for a great video of Smoky being awarded PDSA Certificate for Animal Bravery or Devotion to Duty.

Another VIDEO: The Top 10 Eye Watering Famous Heroic Dogs featuring Smoky as #1.

Thank you for reading this message from Smoky's "Daddy", William Wynne. - Webmaster

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